Trigonometry Examples

Find Amplitude, Period, and Phase Shift
Step 1
Use the form to find the variables used to find the amplitude, period, phase shift, and vertical shift.
Step 2
Find the amplitude .
Step 3
Find the period of .
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Step 3.1
The period of the function can be calculated using .
Step 3.2
Replace with in the formula for period.
Step 3.3
The absolute value is the distance between a number and zero. The distance between and is .
Step 3.4
Cancel the common factor of .
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Step 3.4.1
Cancel the common factor.
Step 3.4.2
Divide by .
Step 4
Find the phase shift using the formula .
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Step 4.1
The phase shift of the function can be calculated from .
Phase Shift:
Step 4.2
Replace the values of and in the equation for phase shift.
Phase Shift:
Step 4.3
Divide by .
Phase Shift:
Phase Shift:
Step 5
List the properties of the trigonometric function.
Phase Shift: None
Vertical Shift: None
Step 6
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