Precalculus Examples

Step 1
Find the domain for .
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Step 1.1
Set the radicand in greater than or equal to to find where the expression is defined.
Step 1.2
The domain is all values of that make the expression defined.
Interval Notation:
Set-Builder Notation:
Interval Notation:
Set-Builder Notation:
Step 2
To find the square root end point, substitute the value , which is the terminal value in the domain, into .
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Step 2.1
Replace the variable with in the expression.
Step 2.2
Simplify the result.
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Step 2.2.1
Remove parentheses.
Step 2.2.2
Rewrite as .
Step 2.2.3
Pull terms out from under the radical, assuming positive real numbers.
Step 2.2.4
The final answer is .
Step 3
The square root end point is .
Step 4
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