Precalculus Examples

Split the radicand into pairs of digits.
Determine the largest integer whose square is less than or equal to .
Square the value above the line and place it under the term like in a long division problem.
Subtract from to get .
Bring down the next two digits of the radicand.
Double the number above the radicand and write it down followed by a blank space , inside parentheses. Then, multiply it by .
Find the largest integer value that could replace the and be placed in the next position above the radical so when the two numbers are multiplied it is less than the current remainder of . In this case works because , which is less than .
Multiply the last digit above the radical by the number inside the parentheses and insert the product under the last term.
Subtract from to get .
Since there are pair of numbers to the left of the decimal place in , the decimal of the answer is put place from the left side of the answer.
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