Precalculus Examples

Find the Equation Using Point-Slope Formula
Find the slope of the line between and using , which is the change of over the change of .
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Slope is equal to the change in over the change in , or rise over run.
The change in is equal to the difference in x-coordinates (also called run), and the change in is equal to the difference in y-coordinates (also called rise).
Substitute in the values of and into the equation to find the slope.
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Simplify the numerator.
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Multiply by to get .
Subtract from to get .
Simplify the denominator.
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Remove parentheses.
Multiply by to get .
Add and to get .
Divide by to get .
Use the slope and one of the given points such as to substitute for and in the point-slope form , which is derived from the slope equation .
Solve for to get the equation.
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After finding the slope between the points, use point-slope form to set up the equation. Point-slope is derived from the equation for slope .
Multiply by to get .
Simplify the right side.
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Subtract from to get .
Multiply by to get .
Rewrite as .
Since does not contain the variable to solve for, move it to the right side of the equation by adding to both sides.
The final answer is the equation in slope-intercept form.
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