Chemistry Examples

Step 1
To find the mass of mole of look up the atomic mass of each element and multiply it by the number of atoms contained in each element in the molecule.
mass of mole of +
Step 2
Fill in the atomic masses from the periodic table.
mass of mole of +
Step 3
Simplify the result.
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Step 3.1
Remove parentheses.
mass of mole of
Step 3.2
Multiply by .
mass of mole of
Step 3.3
Add and .
mass of mole of
mass of mole of
Step 4
One mole of any gas occupies at STP (standard temperature and pressure).
Step 5
Density is mass over volume.
Step 6
Factor out of .
Step 7
Factor out of .
Step 8
Separate fractions.
Step 9
Divide by .
Step 10
Combine and .
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