Algebra Examples

Step 1
Factor using the AC method.
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Consider the form . Find a pair of integers whose product is and whose sum is . In this case, whose product is and whose sum is .
Write the factored form using these integers.
Step 2
Factor .
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Rewrite as .
Since both terms are perfect squares, factor using the difference of squares formula, where and .
Step 3
Cancel the common factor of .
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Cancel the common factor.
Rewrite the expression.
Step 4
To find the holes in the graph, look at the denominator factors that were cancelled.
Step 5
To find the coordinates of the holes, set each factor that was cancelled equal to , solve, and substitute back in to .
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Set equal to .
Add to both sides of the equation.
Substitute for in and simplify.
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Substitute for to find the coordinate of the hole.
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Add and .
Add and .
The holes in the graph are the points where any of the cancelled factors are equal to .
Step 6
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