Trigonometry Examples

Find the Vertex y=-x^2+6x+7
Rewrite the equation in vertex form.
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Complete the square for .
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Use the form , to find the values of , , and .
Consider the vertex form of a parabola.
Substitute the values of and into the formula .
Simplify the right side.
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Cancel the common factor of and .
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Factor out of .
Move the negative one from the denominator of .
Multiply by .
Find the value of using the formula .
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Simplify each term.
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Raise to the power of .
Multiply by .
Divide by .
Multiply by .
Add and .
Substitute the values of , , and into the vertex form .
Set equal to the new right side.
Use the vertex form, , to determine the values of , , and .
Find the vertex .
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